ACT Boot Camps


Boot Camp is an intensive, 4-day long training is designed to take persons who are marginally or just somewhat exposed to ACT and to have them be able to begin to apply it by the end of the workshop. By selecting topics, trainers, and methods that span a range of skills and topics, Boot Camp has also been well received by those with more intermediate backgrounds.

The training includes experiential and conceptual material, but it gradually become more skills based, so that attendees come away feeling as though the can apply what they learned. It is the kind of event you can refer colleagues to with a pretty good assurance that they will come back knowing something about ACT at the level of their heads, their hands, and their hearts.

In addition to general exposure to psychological flexibility as a model, and the application of ACT methods, this Boot Camp will be special. It brings the three authors of the original 1999 book on ACT, Steve Hayes, Kirk Strosahl, and Kelly WIlson, on stage together for four full days. Think of it like a rock “super group” reunion. Steve, Kirk, and Kelly have all gone on to be major players in the ACT universe and they will frequently be on stage together playing off of each others leads. The evening sessions will include discussions of how ACT has progressed over the last 15 years and what the future may hold; as well as topic training in specific areas such as ACT in diverse populations.

Because of the evening and discussion sessions, and the specific speakers, this particular Boot Camp might also be of interest to those with advanced ACT skills and knowledge, but if they come it should be with the realization that most of the body of the workshop will be designed to serve those who are at a more beginning level.